Frequently Asked Questions for the ​International STEM 2022 

  1.  Is it possible to participate in any of the National Round exams that I want? Is it compulsory to participate in both of the national round exams in order to qualify for the International Final Round?

    - You can participate in any of the National Round exams. Furthermore, you can enter both national round exams from the same or different categories. It is not required to participate in both of the two National Round exams in order to qualify for the International Final Round.

  2.  W ill the finalists be announced after each exam separately or after two exams? What is the maximum number of finalists that can be chosen?

    - The participants who have qualified for the International Final Round will be announced following each national exam. Students who achieve a score of 60 or higher in the National Round exams will advance to the International Final Round.

  3.  Will only the PhET and Codementum platforms be used to ask questions in all categories?

    - No. These two platforms are recommended as study resources. They will be used to ask questions about some of the subjects given in the subject list. However, especially the participants in the Computer Science category are recommended to study and practice the programs on the Codementum platform.

  4.  Should I prepare for exams only using the PhET and Codementum platforms?

    - First of all, you should use these platforms to study for your exams. But besides that, other open sources can also be used to study subjects that aren't covered by these platforms.

  5.  Will I be able to see the questions and my answers once the exams have been completed?

    -​This service, unfortunately, is not available. The right to publish the questions is owned by Main Team GmbH, and their digital dissemination or publicity is prohibited. The student's marked log records are examined and shared with the student only if there is an objection or if technical problems are encountered.

  6.   Will all of the exams be held at the same time? Is it possible to take the exam at any time during the day?

    - Exams will be held on the same date and time, in accordance with each country's local time. Exams cannot be taken at any other time or date than those specified. Those who miss or fail to enter the exam will lose their right to participate.

  7.  Is it required to have a Zoom connection during the exam? Do I have to turn on the camera?

    - Yes, ​the camera must be turned on and a zoom connection must be established during the exams. The profile pictures and zoom camera recordings of the students who scored highest on the final exam will be compared in particular. Students who do not have a camera or a zoom connection will be unable to receive this degree and award even if they have received the highest score in the exam. Zoom connection and exam entry can both be done on the same device during national rounds. There is a requirement to have two separate devices for Zoom and the exam in the International Final Round.

  8.  What if the internet goes down in the middle of the exam? Is it possible to reconnect? Will the exam be canceled in this case?

    - I f your internet goes down during the exam, you can reconnect and continue the exam from where you left off. Your exam will reopen with all of your answers saved. Your exam will not be cancelled. If you cannot reconnect within the exam period, your exam will be evaluated according to the questions you answered. There is no right to retake the exam once it has been completed.