Categories / Numbers of Questions / Exam Duration

This olympiad is open to students in grades 1 through 12 in elementary, secondary, and high schools. Students must register according to their current grade, not the school year in which they are enrolled.

There are three different categories for all grades.

The categories for each of the groups and grades are given in the table below.

Grades will be separated as Mini Groups (grades 1-2-3), Junior Groups (grades 4-5-6), Middle Groups (grades 7-8-9) and Senior Groups (grades 10-11-12). Each group of students will take the exam from the same booklet with the same questions.

There are two types of evaluations: 

1. ​​Evaluation of medals and medal certificates for Grades (1-12):

2. ​Evaluation of grand medals and medal certificates for Groups (Mini/Junior/Middle/Senior):

Number of Questions: Each student group will have 25 questions in all rounds and categories.

Exam Duration: 60 minutes for each exam